Crispy Shrimp Tacos with grilled Corn Salsa

Hot temperatures, where do you wanna be? The beach, preferably with a mojito in your hand and tacos on a plate in front of you! What gives you a better feeling of the beach, than spicy and crispy shrimps and corn?

Watermelon & Buffalo-Mozarella Salad

Hot days, warm night, the summer can take a lot of effort to stay cool in! Ice cold watermelon, grilled sweet peaches and creamy buffalo mozarella will hopefully relieve you of some heat and will make you look forward to the evening!

Buttermilk – Blueberry Pancakes

As today is Fathers Day in England, lets talk about breakfast in bed! When you think about a delicious breakfast in bed the first thing that comes to mind is blueberry pancakes. Fluffy, melting in your mouth because of the maple syrup, sweet and mellow. Ingredients For 4 people Pancakes: 180gr all-purpose flour 2 Tbsp…

My Dad’s Curry

My dad will never be known as an amazing chef, but there is one dish that he knows how to do! When I was a small kid, I remeber it needing to be a special occasion for him to go into the kitchen but when he did, the Curry was delicious.

Marble Cake

This recipe has been in my family for a few generations, so I decided to share it with you all. There is nothing fancy about this cake, it just tastes delicious and is definitely worth giving a try when friends and family come for a visit!

Silky Mushroom Soup

A warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach, vegetables that are healthy, a load of Umami on your tongue and every dream coming true. I can promise you all those things except one. But you can only find out which one it is by making this recipe =) (Again, this is a dish that can be…

Homemade Strazopretti, Duck, Star-Anis Ragù

This dish might require some time but that definitely pays off! Letting the ragu simmer for up to 4 hours will give you an unbelievable texture and so many layers of flavour. Because I had some pasta dough left, I also made some Fettuccine, that work perfectly with the sauce as well!

Summertime Pea Soup

The spring has finally also arrived in London! Why not celebrate the sunnier times with a vegetarian and light pea soup? The soup can be served warm and cold and is done really really quick!

Chicken Teriyaki Don

Enjoy a really quick and easy weekday dinner! Asian flavours that everybody knows and loves without the need of buying the premade teriyaki sauce. Fresh greens and a healthy portion of rice. What more can you ask for?