Summertime Pea Soup

The spring has finally also arrived in London! Why not celebrate the sunnier times with a vegetarian and light pea soup? The soup can be served warm and cold and is done really really quick!

Chicken Teriyaki Don

Enjoy a really quick and easy weekday dinner! Asian flavours that everybody knows and loves without the need of buying the premade teriyaki sauce. Fresh greens and a healthy portion of rice. What more can you ask for?

Pork loin, spicy apple-chili jam and crispy pork crackling

Creamy, rich, just an overall comfort food! Pairing classcial ingredients like pork, corn and apple this dish will set a smile on your face for sure! The apple jam can be used for a lot of different things like pancakes, cheese and other desserts!

Couscous with crispy chickpeas and chicken

Looking fancy, cooking very easy. A perfect dish to cook together and when the food needs to be quick on the table. Oriental flavours, creminess of the avocado and the succulence of the chicken make for an amazing dish!

White truffle risotto & tomato two ways

“The” classical italian dish when it comes to comfort food. Representing the national colours of its origination, what dish would be better to make a rainy evening better and remind you of the last time you were sitting in the sun?

Rainbow apple tarte

Coulourful, sweet, tarte. A beautiful dish that takes a lot of effort and time, but when finished, people go crazy about the flavour and the looks of the dish. Definitely worth!